We understand that the construction industry can impact on the environment in several ways, including air emissions, land contamination, noise pollution, waste disposal and discharges to water, and we are committed to reducing our impact. We follow three simple rules to ensure we fulfil our commitment:

1. Responsible sourcing – Every link in our supply chain understands the sustainability challenges the construction sector faces; therefore, we procure all our materials responsibly and ethically. For example, we will only ever source timber from registered FCS stockists.

2. Waste management – We are not only attempting to reduce the amount of waste we produce but also to divert non-hazardous construction waste from landfill. By only using licenced carries to dispose of all site waste and by providing statistics for each project to show the type of waste and percentage that diverted from landfill, we can control and manage our waste.

3. Carbon and water – Even though we hold accounts with the national builder's merchants, we make sure that we only use local subcontractors where possible for your project. To ensure that the materials we are using are locally sourced and our transport minimised, which in turn helps us to reduce our carbon emissions. Water consumption is measured and recorded on-site to ensure that we are keeping wastage to a minimum.